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Why AlphaCare24?


By allowing our Healthcare Professionals to negotiate their own hourly rates with clients , Alphacare24 is at the forefront of promoting transparency as this builds a good relationship between Alphacare24 and its hardworking professionals. This also results in our staff earning more as they use their negotiating skills

Reduce agency costs

By allowing our healthcare professionals to negotiate their hourly rates this also results in organisations saving money in agency fees as organisations will directly deal with our healthcare professionals. We know agency fees has been a challenge to many healthcare organisations and Alphacre24 approach is to reduce agency fees by letting our staff and healthcare organisations negotiate between themselves using our platform

Person Centred care

By matchmaking the needs of the clients with our healthcare professionals Alphacare24 allows our clients to build a rapport with our staff before any job commitments have been made. Gone are the days that a stranger who you have never interacted with turns up at your door to offer services

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for diverse care needs

Elderly Care

At Alphacre24, we specialize in offering compassionate and professional homecare services to elderly individuals who wish to remain in the comfort of their own homes.

Companionship & Support.

Assistance provided to elderly individuals residing at their own homes. Diverse selection of homecare services available for the elderly. Exceptional care provided nationwide for the elderly.


Providing assistance to enable you to continue living in your own home. Expert care services tailored for individuals with dementia

Personal Care

Alphacare24 offers personalized homecare services. In addition to personal care, Alphacare24 provides a variety of care services.

Specialist care

Highly regarded specialist care services nationwide for complex needs. Dedicated team of experienced specialists providing tailored care plans.

Respite Care

Alphacare24 provides in-home respite care for individuals of all ages, including the elderly. Alphacare24 offers a variety of home care services in addition to respite care.

Live-in Care

Round-the-clock live-in care services are available. The UK's leading home care provider in terms of popularity.

Hospital to Home

Assisting individuals to transition back to their own home. Services to provide care at home after hospitalization for both short-term and long-term care needs.

Mental Health Care

Highly rated mental health care across the UK with positive feedback. Experienced mental health professionals providing effective care and support.

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    Message suitable carers - we suggest a minimum of three to give you the best choice

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    Hire your insured and vetted carer via Alpha Care - you only pay for the care delivered

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    Share your care needs

    Alternatively, in an emergency or if you need care for a specific period of time 'Share your care needs' with our carers

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Working with Alphacare24 has been a pleasure. The Alphacare24 team is attentive, very professional and on point.

Norbert M

Founder Northbright Care

Working with Alphacare24 has been a pleasure. The Alphacare24 team is attentive, very professional and on point.

Norbert M

Founder Northbright Care

Working with Alphacare24 has been a pleasure. The Alphacare24 team is attentive, very professional and on point.

Norbert M

Founder Northbright Care

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